This Risk Assessment has been carried out following the guidelines on the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) website


Assessment carried out by: Diane Gilbey and Lupe Gilbey.


Liston Hotel 5 Wollstonecraft Road Boscombe, Bournemouth Dorset BH5 1JQ


Date assessment was carried out: 20th July 2020.


Potential Hazards

   . Contamination of the site by Host/ Guests who are asymptomatic or who develop symptoms while in situ.

   . Transmission of the virus between guests or between guests and contractors/ suppliers.

   . Cleaner/ Host not fit for work.

   . Cleaning regime not effective.

   . Bedding.

   . Property cleaning following guest departure and prior to new guests.


Who is at risk or may be harmed from the hazard?

   . Other guests on site or with subsequent bookings, particularly the elderly or those with underlying health conditions.

   . Cleaning staff and Maintenance Contractors and their immediate families, particularly if they care for relatives who are elderly or have underlying health conditions.


What may be the harm?

   . Becoming infected with Covid-19 and spreading the infection.

   . Contaminating accommodation.


Actions to Control Risk

   . Anybody who is exhibiting symptoms or who has any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus up to 14 days prior to their booking must follow the Government instruction to selt-isolate and follow NHS guidelines. Therefore, they should not arrive at the Liston.

   . Anybody beginning to exhibit symptons during a stay at the Liston should vacate the premises immediately.

   . Anybody in one of the vulnerable groups identified by the Government should follow the Government advice applicable to them at the time. People can contact us for help and advice about booking prior to making plans to travel.

   . Contractors who are exhibiting symptoms or who have any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus within the previous 14 days should not come to the Liston and they should follow NHS guidelines.

   . We will expect guests to follow guidelines on social distancing.

   . Cleaning of rooms suspended unless otherwise requested. If a room is cleaned mid stay the guests should not be present.

   . Any issues needing a maintenance visit to be arranged when guests are not in the property.

   . Provide information prior to and during stay as required.

   . Create a cleaning plan/checklist for staff.

   . Ensure staff training for use and disposal of cleaning products.

   . Details of new cleaning products added to COSHH file.

   . Bed linen laundered by a profesional cleaning company (Bright Laundry).

   . Duvet covers to be laundered in house at 60 degrees.

   . All change over cleans to be completed once guests have departed.

   . Ozone machine to be used in each room after guest departure.


As guests may not exhibit symptoms until after they return home, we will treat every clean as if the guests had potentially been infected. Therefore, we will:

   . Use disposable cleaning equipment and / or launder at 60 degrees centigrade or above as detailed in hospitality guidance.

   . Clean all surfaces/ touch points with appropriate anti-viral disinfectant.

   . Pay particular attention to soft furnishings by removing from bedrooms.

   . Use of mattress and pillow protectors on bedding and changed between each stay.

   . Beverage tray sachets left over in a room will be furloughed for 72 hours.

   . Bathroom products will be disposed of after departure of guests.

   . Room keys and remote controls will be sanitised regularly during the day.

   . Public lounge will be closed.

   . Lift not to be used unless anybody is unable to walk up the stairs then by arrangment only.


Arrival and departure of guests:

   . On arrival or departure there will be no assistance with luggage.

   . On arrival an overview of the measures in place to reduce risk will be explained to guests.

   . Wherever possible all contact details with guests are collected prior to arrival.

   . We will not walk guests to their room.

   . On arrival guests will be given their sanitized room key in a sealed bag.

   . In narrow corridors guests should wear a mask.


Dining room and breakfast service:

   . Guests will be sat at a designated breakfast table for the duration of their stay.

   . All crockery and cutlery will be washed following service in the industrial dishwasher at a minimum of 82 degrees centigrade.

   . The dining room will be cleaned and disinfected daily following service paying particular attention to high touch points.

   . All food and beverages will be served to guests.

   . The breakfast buffet will be removed. All preserves, butter, etc. will be in a single portion.


To protect our cleaning staff:

   . Avoid any cleaning if a guest is in the room.

   . All waste will be double bagged.

   . Any requirements from the laundry company will be implemented.


This risk assessment will be reviewed monthly until the Government advises that the Covid-19 threat has passed.